Sunday, October 7, 2007

Two months since Thailand's experience.

Time flies.

Already almost 2 months are about to pass since I participated in a primary health care program at the ASEAN Institute for Health Development (AIHD) in Thailand. The facility is on Mahidol University's Nakhon-Pathom campus.

When the program was over, my heart was filled with something... a strong passion, a strong will to do something. Of course, the program had a big impact on me, and that impact will probably be as big as making changes in my life in a very positive sense... but I'm not sure whether this was the direct reason for me feeling that strong something. It also kind of felt as if I were rushing.

Maybe I was too excited during the program that I wasn't able to "switch" that mode back to reality even after being pulled back into my everyday world? I came up with new ideas that I may want to try, and maybe I got too excited about them? Or, maybe I felt frustrated that I still didn't have the capability to start turning those into reality? After all, I'm still a university student, without profession nor money. Maybe all of these reasons?

It's like this... I had this liter of fuel in me, and I continued to burn it through the program, but the more I burned it, the more I was refueled. But after the program was over, all of a sudden, I was left with all this fuel but nothing to burn it for. It's like you all of a sudden have a big empty space.

I made really good friends during the program too. Maybe I just simply felt sad that itwas time to say good bye for now? The program itself ran for only 11 days, but by the time it was over, I felt as if I had known these participants for months, or even years. I had the opportunity to do some really deep, interesting, and stimulating talks with some of them. Those friends might turn out to be really close partners in the future, maybe some of them even closer than now.

Well, am I still excited? Yeah... of course. Why not? But, I have to be cool-headed, think ahead, and plan out things carefully. While there are things I can do for the society now, now's a time for me to put building my profession at the top of my to-do list. I need to and want to invest time in the future now. Meanwhile, I'd like to look back and share how the program had such a big impact on me, and may have on my future... maybe on another day.

Ah... how I enjoyed talking over those bottles of Singha... "Chai-yo" :-)

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