Friday, October 26, 2007

AIHD 2007 reunites in October.

I really like these people.

And I think these people truly like each other. Almost three months have passed since the Primary Health Care (PHC) program at the ASEAN Institute for Health Development (AIHD) at Mahidol University, Thailand in August, but we're still close together. We're holding dinners and parties at least once a month, and the members just keep on coming. The October dinner was held on the 23rd, and one came from Nagoya by shinkansen, another came from Fukuoka, 900 km from Tokyo, just for the event. Two others dropped by at 10PM after finishing work and training, respectively, just to have a few moments to see who's here and what's up with them.

Just amazing. I wonder what got us so hooked up with each other... and no doubt I'm one of them. We had 37 Japanese in the flock in Thailand, and of course, not all of us come to join these events, but every time we get together, there's at least a dozen members, and what's both surprising and amazing, is that that number keeps on going up time after time.

And, we're all with different backgrounds. Not only are we comprised of medical or nursing students, but also people who already work, either in the medical field or somewhere else, or students from totally different areas of study (at one glance different, but actually connected). But there's some kind of intrinsic common factor that's keeping us together... :-)

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