Thursday, September 27, 2007

Am I interested in international cooperation?

Am I interested in the field of "international cooperation" or "international health"?

The answer is yes, and also no.

Nowadays, an increasing number of young people talk of wanting to become involved in international cooperation. Of course, it sounds interesting, and I'm sure it is. You can definitely use your English skills for those who are good at it, or it'll still give you opportunities to train it if you aren't as good. You'll probably get to travel overseas and get to know many people from other cultures and backgrounds too.

But, there always has to be an objective, I think. At certain points in our lives, we find things that we want to do. Things we want to devote our time, energy, and the resources that we have in. And I think these are the things that we truly yet naturally feel that we should do. If that's something that involves a country other than your home country, that's something "international", right? If that's a not-for-profit kind of work you do with people from other countries, that can be called "international cooperation", right? If that has something to do with health care, that's "international health", right?

The point I want to make clear is that when I talk of "international cooperation", it's just a character of the picture I want to be a part of. We're doing things that we want to do and as a result, that could be seen, or classified in other words, as "international cooperation", but I think there's nothing more to that term. It's just one way of categorizing.

To make a long story short, my interest is in using health care as a tool or a catalyst to bring a people together and bring more happiness. This I'll probably talk about another time... but anyway, if this thing I'm thinking about is outside Japan, then I guess it can be called "international health", but it's not because it can be called that way that I'm interested in this. :-)

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